Meet Our Team

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Toni Denis
Toni DenisChair-Yavapai County Democratic Party
The Chair leads the county party’s monthly meetings and meetings of the Board, which sets its goals and policies.
Toni has served as 2nd Vice President and Treasurer of the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women and chairwoman of the Democratic Women of the Prescott Area from 2014 through 2016. She is a 2014 graduate of the Emerge Arizona program to train Democratic women to run for elected office.
She is a journalist and works with her husband, Andy as co-founder of, a website on artificial intelligence.
She has a master’s in English from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Illinois.
Lindsay Bell
Lindsay BellPast Chair
The Past Chair provides the continuity of leadership and passes on expertise and corporate memory.
Lindsay Bell has been a member of the Yavapai County Democratic Party Board since 2011, served as a Yavapai County Precinct Committee Person since 2008, and was Chair of the Yavapai County Democratic party for five years. She was elected to the Prescott City Council in 1995-1999.
Lindsay has a BS in Sociology and a Masters in Public Administration from ASU, and retired in 2008 after working >30 years in the non-profit sector.
Lindsay is married to Max Bell. She and Max have two grown daughters and seven wonderful grandchildren.
Marion Pack
Marion PackVice-Chair for the Headquarters
Marion is a political organizer with over thirty five years experience working on issues of peace, social justice, and the environment. For twenty years she was the director of a non-profit peace organization in So. CA. The balance of her career she has applied her organizing talents to progressive political campaigns. Besides politics, her other passion is global travel.
LaBeth Pondish
LaBeth PondishPolitical Action Chair
Is responsible for liason with state and national parties as well as local partners; for recruitment and training of candidates for office.
A native Texan who first became involved in politics in the Kennedy campaign and worked in TX Democratic politics for 46 years before moving to Prescott. Founding member of Bay Area New Democrats in Houston.Majored in English and government in college and taught English for 31 years.  Taught education methods courses at Prescott College. YCDP Vice Chair for HQ Management 2008-2016
Vivian Perry
Vivian PerryPrecinct Leadership
Oversees, trains and supports the Precinct Coordinators, and recruits new PCs.
A NAU graduate with MA’s in Elementary Ed and in Gifted Ed.  Served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines, then as a contract teacher in Dubai, Tanzania, and the US.
Vivian enjoys living in the country and keeping up with friends.
Sara Wolters
Sara WoltersSecretary
The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of activities and documents of YCDP.
A Life-long Democrat, Sara retired from a long career in management as Controller for resorts, hotels and  condominiums.
Active in AAUW and OLLI; enjoy writing, reading and playing in the arts.
Sandy DeVille
Sandy DeVilleTreasurer
Treasurer accounts for all income and expenses, and maintains required financial records and reports.
Former teacher, education program director and MII flight instructor.
John Lutes
John LutesEvents Chair
The Events Chair is responsible for organizing and implementing the activities required in preparing special events such as picnics and fundraising events.
B.S. in Forestry & Masters in Business Administration from NAU. Moved to Prescott in 1981. Thirty six years Whiskey Row businessman. Currently CFO and Co-Owner of Van Gogh’s Ear Art Gallery.
Twenty seven years furnace blown glass arts. Progressive Activist.
Dr. Bill Hamilton
Dr. Bill HamiltonDevelopment Director
The DD creates pathways to the future of the Yavapai County Democratic Party and raises the funds required to achieve that future.
Bill is a retired scientist, engineer, and educator. He worked for NIH/NCI, NASA, Caltech, Embry-Riddle, and industry. His research included viral oncology, electron optics instrumentation, advanced materials and devices development, including infrared, x-ray, and gamma-ray imaging detectors.
Paul Schwartz
Paul SchwartzVerde Valley Liaison
Brooklyn born and bred. B.A. biology & grad work in bio and environmental science. In publishing since 1967. Editor of major scientific texts and journals. Reads/writes poetry, paints, & listens to Buxtehude.
Ed Mickens
Ed MickensPublicity and Marketing
The Publicity Chair brings established marketing techniques to YCDP outreach in voter participation and fund raising.
A recent transplant from Denver and New York, Ed is a writer with a past as LGBT activist, union leader and community organizer. He has applied his skills in marketing and communication in a variety of fields, including urban land use, historic preservation, municipal government and the performing arts. They are not as unrelated as you might think.
Joe Zarnoch
Joe ZarnochVolunteer Coordinator
The VC is responsible for recruitment, training, and supervision of our volunteers. The VC coordinates the scheduling of volunteers in mailings, phone banks, special events, etc.
A retired Environmental Specialist who accepted the Volunteer Coordinator position to promote the continued advancement of progressive goals within Yavapai County.
Rey Frey
Rey FreyEducation and Communications Chair
The E & C Chair is responsible for email, phone, and other communications with our constituency.
Following politics since age ten, former county Democratic party chair in the Midwest, lots of doors knocked, phone calls made.  Day job in mental health.  
Sandra Halldorson
Sandra HalldorsonMembership Chair
The Membership Chair is responsible for increasing participation of Yavapai County Democrats.
Sandra is a nurse with a BS from the Univ of North Dakota and a Masters in Public Health from the UC Berkeley. After 35 years in public health, she retired from YC Community Health Services as the Director of Public Health Services. Earlier she was program manager for the Office of Family Planning, CA Dept of Health Services.
Living in Prescott since 1993, Sandra has two children (both graduates of AZ schools) and three grandchildren.