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The times, they are a changin’. Even though Im referencing a song that was popular in 1964, Im referring to the present in what I expect to be a new wave of upheaval and growth, not always for the better, but as unstoppable as a tsunami.

Heres a link to a 2012 version of the song performed by the band Flogging Molly for Amnesty International. I like it because it takes an old standard and revs it up in a way that changes it.

Often, as a response to great change, people are swallowed up by fear or pain and fail to think rationally. Eventually those emotions overcome inertia to find ways to adapt. Or a leader helps to make them understand what they need to do and prepares them for it. As a party, we can also make a dent in the local consciousness, and I will get to that later in this column.

Recently I read a letter about how states that had the most robotics—almost uniformly all Republican-run—were the most likely to vote for Trump. Our country is in the throes of technological change that most people are unaware of, but which will sweep through every state, city […]

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